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Okay, so.. It seems there are a few things flying into this gallery that aren't CANDY related. Such as frogs, monsters, or even Puella Magi Madoka. :confused:

Here's the deal everyone: ONLY SUBMIT CANDY RELATED DEVIATIONS. I don't understand what goes through someone's head when they see a lizard and say to themselves "...Hey! CANDY!". If it's a lizard sculpted out of marshmallow, great! If it's a lizard charm made from clay? No! It's that easy =P

I let certain things slide, such as fruits, drinks, sweets in general (doughnuts, etc). Even though it's the CANDY- Club, I accept things of all types of sweets. But that's it. If you aren't sure if your deviation belongs, please feel free to shoot me a note on my page :iconbepbo: ! If it is not accepted, it is NOT because I think it is bad, it's because it is not found to be candy related. This club accepts artists of all ages and styles, we never turn anyone down based on "good or bad". :)


Hello fellow Sweet Tooths! :) Bepbo here!

If you have not noticed, I went through and made a new folder system, hopefully it's a little easier to decide where you need to put your artwork. Here's a little run down for everyone:

Jewelry and Charms: Self explanatory, if you wear it, or it's a cute charm, place it here.
Photography: Focusing on the art of photography; candy is the subject, not the artwork.
Digital Art: Drawings, painting, and creations made on the computer/ digitally.
Traditional Art: Drawings, paintings, and creations made with natural resources and supplies.
Plushies and Crafts: Anything you make with cloth, clay, or any material you please. Must not be wearable, otherwise that's considered Jewelry or Charms.
Edibles: Anything you baked or created from food. If you can eat it, without being poisoned that is, it belongs here!
Misc.: Have stamps, tutorials, gifs, or just don't know where your piece belongs? Submit it here!

Have any questions feel free to ask on the main page or here in the journal ^^

squeekaboo Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2012
Yeah some people just spam the hell out of groups and disregard content for the attention and views. seems pretty stupid and annoying to me, so I'm glad to see you're cracking down lol... thanks for providing a fun group!
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